The iPad is getting closer to the Macbook

iPad AirFollowing up on the announcement the new iPad Air, I would like to go back to one of my old posts. I think it’s relevant to say the iPad is getting closer and closer to the Macbook line. As I said in my previous post: this is about marketing, communication and branding; the iPad has become today’s personal computer. And as such, it now boasts a suffix all of us know from the Macbook line of products.

It will be interesting to see how customers react to this shared name, especially since Apple has had a number of name mixups over the years, starting with iTouch. Also, since the Macbook Air is the lightest version of the Macbook, I think it’s a bit awkward that Apple would choose to name Air a device that is far behind the iPad Mini’s portability features.

As for the Mini, I was looking forward to the Retina version, but I wonder if in the end it’s not best to go with the previous one for a reduced price!



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