iTunes 12 Days – Day 11

Goor morning! Today Apple made me very happy! It gave me… Mirror’s Edge, a great iOS app! For those who do not know it, it is some sort of 3D version of Jailbreaker or OvenBreak – two game apps based on the “escape” game mode.

You basically have to run, jump and slide to avoid obstacles. But here, the 3D feature and the fact that you can go backwards is a bit more like parkour, this extreme sport in which people use cities as their playground. I did not pay much attention to the actual story, but it may become important further in the game. For now, you play the role of a female “Runner”, a kind of athlete who makes illegal errands and is hard to be caught. You will even be attacked by helicopters!

Again, I must say Apple made a good choice for today’s gift. Do not hesitate to try it! Sorry for the lack of text and hyperlinks, I am on the road, but go search in the Apple App Store top 25 apps, it is the first for sure! And sorry for the format issues, the WordPress iPhone app is not that well done…

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