iTunes 12 Days – Day 10

Hello everyone! We have reached Day 10, so the gift period is almost over. Hope the next gifts will be nice! As for today, Apple gave me… A Cougar Town episode. I have never watched the series, and I would probably have never watched it if the opportunity had not come to me. But here it is! And I must say I was quite a good fan of Friends, and I guess Courteney Cox has not changed that much – although I preferred other Friends characters.

For those who do not know Cougar Town, basically, it deals with a middle-aged divorced woman – Courteney Cox, a Cougar – who wants to relive her 20s, since she was a young mother at the time. She starts dating younger men, but comes to terms with it and later dates men her age. The main topics are love, divorce and the like, with an obvious penchant for comic situations.

In the first episode, we are introduced to the situation: Jules – Cox – has just divorced and her friend and colleague aims at making her go out to find someone. Jules’s son feels humiliated every time his mom does something around him. And the music is nice! I have not finished the episode yet, but I have already heard some La Roux. This series seems promising!

Today Apple is giving the first episode of the first season – after that, you will have to pay €1,99 for each extra episode. The British iTunes Store is giving an episode of Doctor Who. Enjoy!
Download Cougar Town episode on iTunes

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