iTunes 12 Days – Day 9

Good morning! Today is Day 9 of the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas. And today, Apple disappointed me… huh, gave me… French pop singer Grégoire’s single “Lâche” – “Coward”, in English, but also the verb “let go” or have some sort of heart attack. I must say there have been already too many disappointments in a row. And if the previous gifts could be considered as useful or fun up to some point, Grégoire is really not my cup of tea. Especially when I find out that the British iTunes Store if offering a Kings of Leon single! I am not a big fan of them, but I surely prefer their music to Grégoire’s.

The song is not that annoying, but I really only downloaded it in order to make a complete review of all iTunes gifts here – and because, again, the fact that it is free eliminates any possible excuse for not trying.

But back to the track. So, I listened to it a couple of times, and now I can say and confirm that I do not like Grégoire’s music. But fans among you – and curious ones -, please help yourselves! This guy is very successful in France, so I guess there will be people downloading the single.
Download Grégoire’s single “Lâche” on iTunes

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