Top iPhone apps – New page!

Good morning everyone! I come with good news: I have finally finished writing a new page for my blog. This page is dedicated to iPhone apps. I will be updating my top apps, or the latest apps I have downloaded and liked so far. The purpose here is to help people discover apps they would not have known otherwise, so I hope this will be useful!

You will soon find out that I am not that into long games, but rather short multi-level ones without a specific story in which to evolve. I believe the iPhone is not suitable for games such as Driver, but I acknowledge that some great efforts have been made to adapt games such as Resident Evil to the iPhone.

These top iPhone apps correspond to the latest ones I have downloaded and that made it into my favorite apps. I will also try to avoid talking about well-known apps such as eBay or Facebook.

You can either click here to access the Top iPhone apps page, or check my fold menu right below my header picture. Enjoy and do not hesitate to comment!

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