iTunes 12 Days – Day 6

Good morning everyone! And even earlier! OK, so, today Apple gave me… a Michael Bublé single. I do not know the guy that much, but a friend of mine is a great fan, so hope she will get to download it. I am listening to it right now, and it is quite good, a mix between his old big band style and what he is starting to do now, a bit more poppish. There are four tracks, among which 2 live: Feeling Good (live), Everything (live), Mack the Knife, and Orange Colored Sky. I am sure some of them are covers, but I cannot say for sure for all of them. Anyway, I would have appreciated this kind of gift for Christmas, I feel that big band is very enjoyable during the holiday.

For those who do not know the guy, Michael Bublé is a Canadian singer who started playing big band in small places and grew into a worldwide known singer after he was spotted in a party by Michael McSweeney, an aide to former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. This chain of events eventually led him to record his first album, which was released in 2003.

I think Bublé could have annoyed some with his single “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet”, but that kind of thing happens whenever a radio station or TV channel plays a song 30 times a day.

Anyway, the album is free today in the French and British iTunes Store, so go and get it! If you do not like, at least you will have tried. Do not forget you can download the iPhone app 12 Days to get notifications about the free downloads and get those directly on your iOS device. Merry Christmas! And happy New Year’s Eve celebrations!
Download Michael Bublé’s single from iTunes
Download the app 12 Days from iTunes (French)
Download the app 12 Days from iTunes (British)

Wikipedia – Michael Bublé

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