iTunes 12 Days – Day 5

Hi again! Early this time! Too bad today’s gift is quite disappointing… So, for the fifth day, Apple gave me… Marc Levy’s Et si c’était vrai. Levy is a French book writer who is loved by many women, and hated by everybody else – including women. He typically writes à l’eau de rose novels, so you can guess that is not the kind of book I read. I would have preferred to get Mexican movie director Guillermo del Toro’s OscuraThe Fall, in English -, the second tome of his vampire trilogy that started with NocturnaThe Strain. His vampires look more like zombie-vampires, though, but that’s what makes them all the more interesting to a zombie fan like me. But this I will develop in a future post.

Back to Levy. Et si c’était vraiIf Only It Were True – deals with a love story between Lauren Kline, a young and pretty medical resident in an Emergency Room, and Arthur. He is the guy who rents her old apartment after she had a car accident that put her in an irreversible coma. Confusing, huh? OK, so, basically, Lauren is some sort of ghost that looks for shelter in her old apartment. The thing is, Arthur is the only one who can see her. You can imagine the rest of the story: he thinks he is crazy, but he is not – quite – and there is love, love, love between the two characters – do not ask me how.

Well, in the end, the story is not that boring, is it? The ghost thing seems interesting, but you never know with loves stories. So take a shot, it is free today in the French iTunes Store.

You will need to have downloaded the iBooks app first in order to have access to the iBook.

As for today’s British gift, another iBook. This one is called Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. It tells the story of Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel, a young Indian boy from Pondicherry who survives 227 days after a shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean. All the other passengers and zoo animals died, except for a bengali tiger, with which Pi shares a lifeboat. The story is divided in three main parts. In the first, Pi, as an adult, reminisces about the past, in the second, we can see him actually living the wreck, and in the third, Japanese officials interrogate Pi to understand the reasons of the wreck.

The book is mainly about spirituality. At some point, Pi starts believing in three different religions. And when the Japanese officials do not believe his accounting of the wreck events involving animals and fantasy, he offers them a story where he replaced the animals eating and killing each other by human beings. Officials end up preferring the animal version.

After reading a little about this book, I can really say that you must get it! I will try to get it somehow. As you may know, in order to have an iTunes Store account in a specific country, you need a local payment method – which I do not have for Britain. So I will pay for a paperback version. But Britons, take this opportunity to get this book for free on your iPhones, iPods Touch and iPads!

Download Et si c’était vrai from iTunes
Download Life of Pi from iTunes
Download the iBooks app from iTunes


Wikipedia – If Only It Were True
Mondalire – Et si c’était vrai
Wikipedia – Life of Pi

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