iTunes 12 Days – Day 4

Hello again, and sorry for the late post – again. I never thought it would be so hard to keep writing early in the day – and without broadband.

Anyway, so, today Apple is offering Fishing Kings in both the French and British iTunes Stores. Basically, it is a fishing game, so you have to fish as much as you can, and the biggest you can.

What is interesting about this app is that you actually use the iPhone’s features. To launch your bait, you will have to tilt the iPhone just like a fishing rod. And to wind the fishing line up, you will have to use a touch reel. Graphics are good for an iPhone app, and it looks great in the iPhone 4 retina display.

I think you can really enjoy this app even if you are not a fishing fan. I had already heard about this app, but had never tried it. And now that I had a chance, I can say that it is a great game. However, I do not think I would spend a whole day playing Fishing Kings because it can be monotonous after a while.
Download Fishing Kings from iTunes

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